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Warmer temperatures have arrived here in the northern hemisphere and spring is upon us. As you get ready for the riding season, here are a few simple tips to make sure your bike is ready so you have a good experience as enjoy the spring weather. Some of you may not have touched your bike since last fall, others may spent hours on a trainer, and some may have rode through the winter. Regardless the situation these basic maintenance tips will help you get started this spring. 
Here's the question of the day, to ride or not to ride? You can think of a hundred reasons not to ride, it's already 90 degrees outside and no clouds, I'm tired, didn't sleep well last night, my back hurts, I can ride tomorrow, I'm bored riding the same route over and over again. Sound familiar? We fall into the midsummer slump too. Here are a few tips to get you motivated and out on your bike even if it is 90+ degrees outside.
We like supporting local US manufacturing, and so do our friends at ENVE Composites, another Utah based company manufacturing products here in the US. Last week they hosted a Builder Round-Up featuring some beautiful bikes made by artisan bike builders from around the world. Here are a few that caught our eye


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