Warranty & Product Registration

Lifeboat Tire Lever Lifetime Guarantee

Our Lifeboat Tire Lever is built to last. If for some reason it breaks or can't perform it's intended function, we will replace it. We cover against damage due to manufacturing defects for the original purchaser. The product must be registered in order for the warranty to be valid. Warranty does not cover damage due to ordinary wear and tear, neglect or intentional destruction. 

Apparel Guarantee

We want you to be comfortable and happy with your Snēk apparel. Snēk guarantees the comfort, craftsmanship and material of our apparel to be free from defects for a period of 2 years. Guarantee is for the original purchaser and proof of purchase may be required. Guarantee does not cover damage caused by a crash, misuse, negligence or intentional destruction of the product. Snek holds the right to warranty product at it's discretion but will do everything possible to service your apparel.

Register your new product then go out, ride, wander, use, and enjoy it. It's there for you and so are we. You can rest assure our customer services is just as slick and neat as our products. We are just a click or phone call away.