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The Importance of Merino Wool

Merino Wool – The Best, Naturally


Words by AJ Turner

Merino Wool – The Best, Naturally In the world of technical cycling wear, companies spend thousands in research and work tirelessly within laboratories to conjure up the latest and greatest. Often, however, the answers and solutions are right in front of us – in nature. 

Origin of Merino Wool

Merino wool, as it shouldn’t surprise you, comes from sheep. Not just any sheep, however. The sheep that we get Merino wool from are among the toughest, with the ability to withstand insanely hot temperatures and unbearable cold temperatures. They do this all through rugged mountains and in complete comfort.

As cyclists, we too understand the need to survive in these extreme environments, while maintaining a certain level of comfort. merino winter cycling cap With Merino, we not only find those incredible elements of thermo-regulation, but other hidden benefits that aren’t well known.

Merino wool has a natural sun-protection element, which becomes even more critical during the early spring rides where applying sunblock isn’t a typical thought. Similarly, the wool features an odor resistance that helps keep you feeling fresh – and won’t offend your group riding friends. Finally, Merino wool isn’t your grandpa’s scratchy old ‘wool’. In fact, Merino wool’s thermo-regulation comes in part from its use of smaller fibers that are more flexible, and softer to the touch.

Wear your Merino Wool Snek cycling goods knowing that the material was carefully curated and picked for all of these amazing features. Slick and neat, that’s the Snek cycling way.