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Mid to Heavyweight Winter Cycling Cap


Wool Winter Cap Details


Merino Winter Cycling Cap Neckline

 Ergonomic earflap covers your ears, not your neck, allowing for ventilation.


Merino Cycling Cap 4 way stretch

4 way stretch knit material provides a soft comfortable fit that conforms to your head.

Merino Winter Cycling Cap Hide-able EarflapHide-able earflap follows the same shape as the back cap panel so it is unnoticeable when tucked.  


Knits - Soft & comfortable

From softness to elasticity, knit fabrics offer many advantages for athletic wear. They offer a high-degree of flexibility & comfort while still maintaining a stylish look. Knit fabrics are looped together from a single or double yarn creating small openings in the finished fabric that serve as pockets for holding air or minuscule amounts of water. This unique feature makes knits warmer than other fabrics, even when the fabric is soaking wet. 

MerinoMoisture Wicking Merino Winter Cycling Cap


Both our Merino and Wool Blend fabrics have extremely fine fibers, enabling them to bend far more than traditional, coarser fabrics. This makes our fabric soft and comfortable next to the skin.


Natural elasticity helps garments stretch with you, yet return to their original shape. Our wool material is ideal to wear when exercising.


The wool fibers absorb large quantities of moisture and move it away from the skin to evaporate. This makes the fabric extremely breathable and less prone to clamminess.


These wool fibers are active fibers that react to changes in body temperature. They help keep you warm when temperatures are cool and cool when temperatures are warm.


Because the fibers absorb moisture, they remove sweat from your body and even absorb the odors until they are later released when washed.

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